FOAM-Out offers three-day camping and backpacking adventures around New England. This year, we are running two types of trips:

  • Camping in the Berkshires and Cape Cod

    • Campsite-based trip with day hikes and outdoor activities (i.e. biking, “funyaking,” swimming)
    • Open to anyone! Hiking will be lighter intensity, covering 2-5 miles per day, and campsites come equipped with (limited) facilities
    • Opportunity to have fun and relax outside – think day hikes, campfires, s’mores – and yes, you’re sleeping outside in a tent!
    • Itinerary
      • Day 1 – Early departure for destination, hike into campsite, day hike around area, set up and enjoy camp!
      • Day 2 – Morning hike and planned afternoon activity (either “funyaking” or biking) with opportunity for swimming and exploring
      • Day 3 – Short hike in the morning, drive back to RI, and all-FOAM wrap-up dinner/program back at AMS


  • Backpacking in New Hampshire

    • 3-day adventure with more substantial hiking; requires carrying backpack with ~40 lbs of gear site-to-site
    • Backpackers can expect awesome views and an opportunity to truly “disconnect” for a few days
    • Recommended for students with some outdoors and/or backpacking experience – hikes will cover 4-8 miles per day with stretches of steep terrain, and trips will be staying at backcountry campsites
    • Itinerary
      • Day 1 – Early bus to trailhead in NH, with half-day of backpacking to first campsite; set up and enjoy camp
      • Day 2 – Break down camp, full day of hiking (hopefully with some sweet peaks!), late afternoon arrival at campsite
      • Day 3 – Hike down to road to meet the bus, drive back to RI, and all-FOAM wrap-up dinner/program back at AMS