What are the FOAM dates for 2017?

FOAM will run Friday 7/28 – Sunday 7/30. FOAM-Out participants will be asked to be in Providence by Thursday late afternoon (7/27) for gear check and trip preparations – we’ll be making an early morning departure on Friday! FOAM-In participants will be asked to show up at 9 AM on Friday morning. [For reference, MD21 orientation starts on August 1!]

Who participates in FOAM?

Our goal is to have the whole incoming class participate! This is an awesome and fun opportunity to meet your new classmates before school starts, and your upperclassman leaders are excited to welcome you to AMS. Note that FOAM is not required, but we would be thrilled to get as much of the class participating as possible.

I’m not moving into my apartment until August 1. Is there somewhere I can stay before/during FOAM?

Yes! Please reach out to foam@brown.edu and we will work to find you an upperclassman host.

I want to do FOAM-Out but don’t have any outdoors experience – can I still go on a trip?

Yes, definitely! We welcome all experience levels on FOAM-Out and offer trips at varying levels of difficulty to accommodate a range of interest and experience levels. We recommend that folks new to the outdoors sign up for one of our campsite-based trips.